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Solar power is mist convenient because it is clean (does not produce fume), renewable (easily can be renewed every day by day the Sun), and also quit (contrary to Diesel/Petrol generator).

Solar Rooftop System

Solar rooftop system is a useful way of producing cost effective electricity for domestic and commercial purpose. This infrastructure can be mounted on the roof of houses and office for domestic power generation.

Solar Pump

Solar Pumps has a small power house and calibrated solar modules. It can be tuned with any particular pumping system for any particular work, like irrigation pump, submersible pump.

Water Heating System

Water Heating System powered by solar energy is very cost effective and eco-friendly. This system is very effective in any climate. Generally, two types of Solar Water Heating system are available in the market.

What we do

Senza Solar is the most integrated firm, which runs with the motto of using the immense power of sun, to provide India wide solar energy. After minute and competitive market study of the solar power utility and demand in India, Senza Solar was established in the year 2016, in Delhi. The Team Senza Solar is always with high believe in Research and Development. We aim to provide the ultimate power of Sun to all part of India.

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Services provided by Senza solar

  • Solar Rooftop Solution

    Net Metering and off grid system

  • Solarisation of Petrol Pumps

    Solar power for pumps

  • Solar Water Pump

    Solar energy for running water pumps

  • Solar Power Plant

    Solar powered plants for clean energy.

  • Solar Consulting

    Consultation about Solar investments.

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