Solar energy and solar products

Solar power is mist convenient because it is clean (does not produce fume), renewable (easily can be renewed every day by day the Sun), and also quit (contrary to Diesel/Petrol generator). The cost of traditional mode of electricity is increasing consistently. The installation of the solar infrastructure may Initially be a little high, but after this initial expense, there is no recurrence cost. On the other hand, Traditional power generation system such as thermal etc are fast consuming natural resources whereas solar generation is a renewable each day without any natural resource. That is why solar power is useful, as it can be renewed every day with the rays of Sun.

Various types of Sun run products or solar products which are very popular and economically convenient for various purpose are as follows:

Solar roof top

Solar rooftop system is a useful way of producing cost effective electricity for domestic and commercial purpose. This infrastructure can be mounted on the roof of houses and office for domestic power generation. For commercial power generation, usually large commercial fields are required. It is made up of a set of PV modules, and it converts solar power into electrical power.

Solar Pump

Solar Pumps has a small power house and calibrated solar modules. It can be tuned with any particular pumping system for any particular work, like irrigation pump, submersible pump. Deep or surface well can easily be associated with drip irrigation for enhancing the results.

Water Heating System

Water Heating System powered by solar energy is very cost effective and eco-friendly. This system is very effective in any climate. Generally, two types of Solar Water Heating system are available in the market; these are Active Solar Heating System and another is Passive Water Heating System.

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Solar Energy has a very bright future, especially in a country like India; and Senza Solar is a company with rapid growth which has already crossed many milestones. At Senza Solar, we focus on quality & performance. We make sure that our products are effective in every possible sense. The solar modules are produced with Cutting Edge Technology, that makes them the best in term of power generation.

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